Daniel Craig's No Time to Die China premiere and publicity tour has been canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak in the Asian country. The 25th James Bond film was set to premiere in Beijing and go on to feature a tour with its cast. Unfortunately it seems like Daniel Craig won't be traveling to China to promote it.

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Fans in China will have to wait to see No Time to Die

Daniel Craig's appearance in No Time to Die was confirmed as his last one in James Bond films. The film, which is set to premiere on April 10 in the United States, features an amazing cast including Rami Malek, Ana de Armas, and Lashana Lynch, not to mention the fabulous Christoph Waltz.

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Fans in China will have to wait a bit longer to see No Time to Die. As of today, the country has been hit with more than 70,000 coronavirus cases; while at least 1,700 people have died. 

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