Harrison Ford is one of the most successful stars in Hollywood. The actor has appeared in countless films and recently even celebrated great success as a series star in the 'Yellowstone' spin-off '1923'.

In fact, Harrison Ford could have landed the lead role in a successful series a few years ago - but nothing came of it.

Unbelievable: Harrison Ford as 'NCIS' "Gibbs"?

In a conversation with 'The Hollywood Reporter', the makers of 'NCIS' revealed that Harrison Ford was intended for the role of "Gibbs".

However, it never came to a casting with the "Indiana Jones" actor. His name had only been "thrown around", but the production had never contacted him. Instead, Mark Harmon was cast as "Gibbs."

These stars should have played 'NCIS' "Gibbs"

Many famous Hollywood stars would have been considered as "Gibbs" actors at the time, recalls Susan Bluestein, casting director for 'NCIS'. "Names came up like Alec Baldwin, Chris Cooper, Clive Owen, Kevin Bacon, Tom Berenger, Val Kilmer, Charlie Sheen, Aidan Quinn, Patrick Swayze."

Also on the shortlist to play "Gibbs" were 'Silence of the Lambs' actor Scott Glenn and 'Orange Is the New Black' star Andrew McCarthy.

But the 'NCIS' makers were not as convinced of anyone as they were of Mark Harmon. "I always felt that Mark would really have the dignity for this character," reveals casting director Bluestein. After a first audition, it was then quickly clear: Mark Harmon would get the role as "Gibbs" - and that's how it stayed for almost 20 years.