• 'Baywatch' is known for its slow motion scenes
  • There are conflicting reports for the reason behind it
  • We have a few explanations

The series 'Baywatch' is still a household name to many today, regardless of whether people have actually seen the show or not. David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson are still known today for their iconic roles.  

'Baywatch' also brings back memories of beautiful people, well-built bodies and sandy beaches. All of this has been achieved with shots in slow motion. The running lifeguards are probably the show's signature. But why the slow motion approach?  

How did the slow-motion runs on 'Baywatch' come about?

The inspiration for the 'Baywatch' producers might have come from the Olympics. As 'Mental Floss' reports, one of the producers is said to have worked at the 1988 Olympics. He apparently watched recordings of 100-meter sprinters that were played back in slow-motion.  

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Where was 'Baywatch' set from the tenth season?

Thus, the idea was created and was implemented later in the episodes. However, actor David Hasselhoff later told a somewhat different story. According to him, the slowly played scenes were actually related to cost reasons.  

'Baywatch': This is what David Hasselhoff says about the topic

David Hasselhoff revealed that the slow 'Baywatch' scenes added airtime. Instead of having to shoot more scenes, the footage was shown more slowly. This increased the airtime and saved film.  

Thus, two explanations exist about the legendary shots in slow motion. The series 'Baywatch', which has had many guest appearances over the years, ran from 1989 to 2000.