• Criminal Minds star Kirsten Vangsness posts a throwback image
  • Below it she writes an important message
  • Her fans are touched by what she has to say

Criminal Minds' "Penelope" aka, Kirsten Vangsness (50) posts a cute childhood photo of herself on Instagram, coupled with an important message. 

Criminal Minds star Kirsten Vangsness writes in her post

Super sweet throwback! Would you have recognized this Criminal Minds star in this picture?

"Penelope Garcia" actress Kirsten Vangsness wows her followers with a cute childhood photo and an important message on Instagram: 

"Happy #nationalcomingoutday - This me here had a crush on 3 girls in my dance class and 2 boys at school. I felt ashamed and confused about it. It didn’t feel safe to be me. Coming Out is important so we normalize, nay- CELEBRATE the diverse ways we each experience love and attraction and know deeply in our bones that even if we feel different, it’s safe to be ourselves. From this queer kid to you, happy National Coming Out Day."

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In any case, her followers loved the message and the picture as they commented: 

"You are my hero, in a fictional world and you are my hero in the real world, ️I love you infinitely."

Even then, the actress had a knack for colorful and cheerful outfits, just like today!