Jennifer Aniston and Dolly Parton really have nothing but amazing things to say about each other since working together on Aniston's new Netflix original film, Dumplin'. The pair have been gushing about one another since Dolly Parton came onto the project to write the music and help with the soundtrack of the movie. Jennifer Aniston starred in the film as well as co-produced it. 

Jennifer Aniston: Singing in front of Dolly

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Jennifer Aniston said that she cried after "stepping into the studio to record "Push and Pull," a song written by Parton and Linda Perry, with her co-star Danielle MacDonald." After saying how nervous she was, Aniston had no choice but to sing through it and find her voice. "It was terrifying and fun and all of it... it was great," said Aniston. 

Dolly Parton and Jennifer Aniston: Lots of positive vibes

On The Tonight Show, Dolly Parton admitted that her husband Carl was so excited about Dolly working with Jennifer Aniston that he said they should have a threesome together! Let's just say there's lots of love and positive vibes going around for both Jennifer and Dolly. 

If you haven't already seen the movie, we definitely recommend you check it out! Available on Netflix, Ellen DeGeneres thought the film would hear some Oscar buzz, it is that good. Plus any music written by Dolly Parton is bound to be fantastic!