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Even several years after its last episode was on the air, the sitcom Scrubs is still one of the most popular series worldwide.

13 Fun Facts About Scrubs Only True Fans Know

We are big Scrub heads and were so relieved when "J.d." and "Turk" respectively made a podcast to reminisce. The 9 seasons were hilarious and extraordinarily addicting and filled with star-studded guests. "J.D.", "Turk", "Carla", "Elliot", "Janitor", "Dr. Cox", "Dr. Kelso", and "Ted" made the show so exciting to watch every week.

'Scrubs' Episodes With Blackface Will Be Pulled From Hulu and Amazon Prime.

In case you are missing the series as much as we are here you can learn 13 interesting facts about the cult sitcom starring "J.D", "Turk", and the others to tide you over...