Did you know that Bill Murray and Harold Ramis, who were in Ghostbusters, had a falling out later in their careers? While that fact has a happy ending, that isn't the only unfortunate truth that can alter how you watch your favorite flicks from when you were younger.

As a child, you are less concerned about what went into making a movie and instead, you are lulled into a passive viewing experience that can ignite your imagination. Then you grow up and learn about the actors and stories behind the scenes of those shows you used to watch. Suddenly, that passive state of mind can be lost forever so we apologize in advance.

Tidbits About Films From Your Younger Years

Facts That Might Ruin Your Favourite Childhood Films

Everyone has a favorite movie that takes them straight back to their childhood but behind the beloved characters are sometimes unpleasant truths. We're showing you 5 facts that could ruin your childhood movies. Check out the video above for more! 

One piece of consolation that can be offered is that some movies are so good that you can still be lulled into that same passive viewing state of mind despite your new-found knowledge. If that still doesn't help, we're sorry.