Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane uploaded the new five-minute short to his Instagram account. The short features simple pencil artwork, seeing as MacFarlane is working at home. But "Stewie," "Brian," and several other favourites make appearances in the short. Watch below.

Coronavirus: Family Guy new episode short by Seth MacFarlane

Family Guy cast: Only MacFarlane's characters appear in the short

The short pokes fun at responses to the coronavirus pandemic, including the celebrity cover of "Imagine," toilet paper hoarding, and corporate emails about COVID-19.

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Along with "Stewie" and "Brian," "Peter Griffin" and "Quagmire" also appear over the phone in the short. MacFarlane voices all four of these Family Guy characters, which allowed him to bring the show to life from home. Absent in the short are "Lois," "Meg," and "Chris," who are voiced by Alex Borstein, Mila Kunis, and Seth Green, respectively.

Family Guy episodes: Season 18 is airing on Fox

Family Guy is currently airing its 18th season on Fox. Season 18 has at least one more episode scheduled for April 19. 

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Despite the jokes, the new short episode concluded with a message of unity and compassion. MacFarlane had also earlier put "Stewie" to work to send a similar message about remaining at home during the social distancing period. 

Seth MacFarlane and "Stewie" encourage social distancing

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