• Game of Thrones aired for 8 seasons on HBO
  • It featured incredible settings and landscapes
  • Learn where Game of Thrones was filmed in our video

Do you know where Game of Thrones was filmed? Across eight seasons, the HBO series showcased incredible settings that left fans curious about where the show was produced.

So This Is Where Game of Thrones Was Filmed

While certain backdrops in the series were assisted by digital effects, many of the settings seen in Game of Thrones are authentic.

Game of Thrones Was Filmed In These Locations

For example, breathtaking gardens, palaces, and forests around the world were featured on Game of Thrones.

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Watch the video above for a closer look at the spectacular scenery on Game of Thrones. We take a look at some of the common shooting locations for the series and its very best sights from around the globe.