• Guiding Light is an iconic American soap opera
  • It's spawned some of the longest-ever careers on television

With such a long span on television, there were of course a lot of changes along the way, but these actors were with the show the longest. One of the actresses with the most longevity was Barbara Berjer. She had her first appearance in 1971 as "Barbara Norris Thorpe" and remained true to her role until the 1990s.

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Guiding Light Made Many Lives Brighter For Many Years

23rd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards

Grant Aleksander is one of the show's biggest stars. From 1982 he played "Phillip Spaulding" and was a very important part of the soap opera. He starred in 332 episodes and although he stopped for a few years, he kept coming back with guest appearances until the series finally ended...

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