• There may be a Harry Potter series
  • The rumor mill around the topic is bubbling
  • The fans have specific wishes

As reported by the Daily Mail with reference to various insiders, J.K. Rowling has signed a contract for a series with Warner Bros. that will then run on HBO.

More details on the series are yet to be revealed. Neither possible actors nor the plot are known. Of course, this leaves room for speculation by fans, who have their own ideas and desires

Harry Potter fans want a series about the Marauders

For example, viewers have long wanted a series on the "rumrunners," such as: "James," "Sirius," "Remus" and "Peter". This could be set during the gang's school years and cover their adventures into their adult lives.

A prequel to "Voldemort" would also be much awaited. In the "Harry Potter" books and films, you could only get a glimpse into his past. However, many events and stories from this time remain untold.

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Harry Potter spin-off to the "Hogwarts" founders is a possibility

Last but not least, a spin-off on the founders of "Hogwarts" would be very exciting. Their lives have so far been largely left out, at least in the movies - so there's still a lot of potentials there.

It is unlikely, however, that the series will be about the original trio or their children. Finally, Emma Watson (32) most recently stated she would not return to the franchise if Rowling was involved.

In addition, the story about "Harry's", "Ron's" and "Draco's" children in the sequel play The Cursed Child didn't go well with fans.

So far, Warner Bros. has not confirmed the project. So things remain to be seen.