Idina Menzel and Camila Cabello will be in the latest Cinderella film, slated for release in February 2021. Frozen's Menzel is set to play the stepmother, while Cabello will be portraying the iconic Cinderella herself. 

Idina Menzel And Camila Cabello Share New Cinderella Film Update

Apart from Idina Menzel and Camila Cabello as the main characters, Pose's Billy Porter will be portraying the "Fairy Godmother", and Minnie Driver will be playing "Princess Beatrice".

The director and writer of the film is Kay Cannon, who also wrote and produced the Pitch Perfect films. She shared the most recent update of Cinderella, which will also be a musical!

Cannon wrote:

"Revelling the time I have left shooting w/ Cinders, @camila_cabello & her NOT evil stepmother, @idinamenzel (there are no villains in this movie. ❤️)"

She confirmed that there will be NO evil stepmother in this film, which means that it'll be an entirely revamped version of the classic Cinderella tale! Camila added the picture in her Instagram Story stating, "I love this film so much."

So, who'll be playing the effortlessly charming "Prince Robert"? Newcomer Nicholas Galitzine, who can be most recently seen in the Netflix series Chambers, opposite Uma Thurman. Meanwhile, Galitzine's father in the film will be portrayed by none other than Pierce Brosnan. We're sure the "007" alum will be the perfect king! 

This is a film we're definitely looking forward to next spring! 

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