• The Ultimatum was released to Netflix April 6
  • It's a reality TV love series
  • It's the sister series of Love is Blind, also hosted by Vanessa and Nick Lachey 

A new reality series to satisfy our need for the drama until the next season of Love is Blind is released! The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On has been released to Netflix!

Swapping partners in a dramatic twist

The TV series follows 12 men and women, who are torn in their relationship about which direction to take, either marriage or move on. Thus, the ultimatum is given of either bending the knee and popping the big question or moving on with new partners.

How the couples will go about doing this ultimatum, however, is less than standard. The 6 couples all trade partners for three weeks to decide if who they came there with is really the one, or could they be better suited for someone else.

The hosts, Vanessa Lachey and Nick Lachey also host Love is Blind, and it seems the couple is taking over Netflix!

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The casting was deliberate, too, hoping to give some major drama amongst some steamy moments.

"We had lots of different couples and configurations that we could have put in the mix," said Chris Coelen, creator of the show, to E! News. "We wanted to make sure every person who was participating in the experience had people that we felt like, at least on paper, that they would be interested in."

He noted that what happens on the show needs to be authentic, and while some people think the idea is way too out there, ultimately the choice is up to the couples.

"The truth is that you come in as a couple and I personally say this to them at the beginning of the process, I do not care how they leave," he continued. "I am not biased to whether or not they decide to marry their first partner or they choose someone else or end up by themselves, the thing that I care about a lot is that they each make the right decision for themselves. That's all I really care about."

Watch the new season now on Netflix!