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James Bond

The James Bond films form the British series of audiovisual adaptations of spy movies based on the fictional MI6 character, "Agent James Bond codename 007", who originally appeared in the Ian Fleming series. It is the longest continuous series of films in the history of cinema, having begun production from 1962 to the present (with a six-year hiatus between 1989 and 1995). EON Productions, the official production company of the Bond franchise, has produced 24 films to date.

Playing James Bond, the popular secret agent of MI6 (British intelligence service), is a privilege and also a great responsibility. The actor who accepts the challenge must be very sure that he wants to put on the 007 suit. Because if the performance is not convincing no matter what you do after, many will remember it as the failure of Bond.

They have been Bond, James Bond...

It began with Connery, for many the best of all time, who appeared in the role a total of six times in a rather macho attitude needless to say. Then came George Lazenby -the least known and the tallest, at 1'89 meters tall-, Roger Moore, who gave him the character an ironic humor and a peculiar gallantry in seven films; Timothy Dalton, a rather bland agent but very dedicated in the action scenes (he even preferred not to use doubles!); the Irish Pierce Brosnan, the most attractive, he knew how to mix humor and bad mouth to a more modern Bond, sympathetic and with more sex appeal; and Daniel Craig, the most serious and cold, also the shortest has quickly become a favorite.