• Jane Seymour was already a "Bond" girl
  • Now the actress wants to get involved again in the next installment
  • Here's what she says about a possible return to a 007 movie

The role of the "Bond" girl is in great honour – Jane Seymour (71) has had the pleasure to play the coveted role. Even if that was several decades ago, the actress wants to be part of the James Bond franchise again.

Jane Seymour wants to be in a Bond movie again

Jane Seymour has revealed she wants to return as "Miss Solitaire" in another 007 movie. The actress starred alongside the late Sir Roger Moore in the 1973 film Live and Let Die  and announced that she would like to reprise the role in a future 007 blockbuster.

Jane explained in an interview with People magazine: "Of course, I'd do it. I've always been very open about saying that I'd be happy to just walk behind the scene and someone could go, 'Is that Solitaire?'"

Jane was only 20 years old when she was cast in the role and confessed that at the time she had no idea what to expect during filming.

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Jane Seymour was already a "Bond" girl

The actress is proud to be among a select group of actresses to have played a "Bond" girl and still supports everything related to the iconic 007 movies.

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