• 'John Wick' is one of the most classic action franchises ever
  • It turns 10 years old this year
  • HERE are some facts about the film you may not know

'John Wick' took the world by surprise! The first film turns 10 this year and we have some facts about it you may not know! Chad Stahelski and David Leitch would end up co-directing the movie, though only Stahelski is officially credited due to a Directors Guild ruling.

One of the best to ever come on screen

John Wick is now synonymous with the character, but it is not necessarily the most gripping name on paper. It was an homage to the writer, Derek Kolstad's grandfather of the same name.

Also interesting:

Francis, the bouncer at the nightclub who Wick chooses to spare, is a small role. However, it was filled by a big actor. Francis is played by Kevin Nash, who you may remember as a pro wrestler...

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