"American Idol is the original music competition series. It was the first of its kind to take everyday singers and catapult them into superstardom, launching the careers of so many amazing artists," according to the president of ABC Entertainment, Karey Burke. 

American Idol: Season 3 Announcement

The statement continued by saying that "we couldn't be more excited for Katy, Luke, Lionel and Bobby to continue in their roles as 'American Idol' searches for the next great music star, with more live episodes and exciting, new creative elements coming this season."

American Idol Auditions Underway

Auditions for season three have already begun in New York City on July 23rd and will continue across the United States until September 21st. The premiere of season three will be in spring of 2020. Stay tuned! 

Jessica Alba

It's been almost six years without him!

Jessica Alba's Emotional Farewell To Paul Walker