• Larry David pulled his new HBO documentary
  • He wants a big change to The Larry David Story
  • It's now postponed indefinitely

Curb Your Enthusiasm episode in the making? Larry David dramatically pulled the release of his new HBO documentary on the eve of its premiere.

The Larry David Story would've debuted on HBO today, but the comedian had a change of heart. Here's why it's now postponed indefinitely.

Why Larry David pulled his new documentary

On social media, HBO confirmed the postponement, writing: "Larry has decided he wants to do [the documentary] in front of an audience. Stay tuned for more info."

The Larry David Story is billed as a two-part interview with Larry David on his life and career. The talk was originally with his Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm collaborator Larry Charles.

Also interesting:

But it looks like David, 74, had a new creative vision for the project. The postponement is disappointing news for fans of the Curb star and Seinfeld co-creator, but he'll now get to tell his story in front of fans.

In other news, the crabby comedian, actor, and writer recently moved to Montecito, a California community famous for housing stars like Meghan and Harry, Oprah, and more.