Law & Order: SVU showrunner Warren Leight was big on reveals in a new interview with THR podcast TV's Top 5.

In addition to revealing plans on how SVU will approach the COVID-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter protests, Leight provided an update on the previously announced spin-off series, Law & Order: Hate Crimes.

NBC had ordered Hate Crimes for a 13-episode first season in 2018, but the production stalled in 2019, putting the show's fate in limbo.

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Law & Order: Hate Crimes spin-off heading to NBC's Peacock?

Speaking to TV's Top 5, showrunner Warren Leight confirmed that it's likely we will still see the Hate Crimes spin-off. The series, he shared, projects as a better match for NBC's upcoming streaming service, Peacock, which will launch in July. 

"I think [Hate Crimes] was perceived to be a better fit with Peacock," he told the podcast. "The vocabulary people use when they commit hate crimes is not acceptable on network television, and that's an interesting consideration."

Leight remains committed to producing the show, as well. He's set to serve as showrunner for the spin-off, which was co-created with Law & Order mastermind Dick Wolf

"I think it is a show that needs to be made," Leight added. "Where it dovetails with SVU, it's about the toll a hate crime takes on a victim, a victim's family, and a community. It's an arena I think needs to be written about. I'd like to see this show go [forward]."

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The cast of Hate Crimes isn't know at this time. The series was originally green-lit in 2018, but NBC put it on hold in 2019. But Leight's optimism about the show and its future on Peacock bodes well for fans of the Law & Order universe.

In the 2018 announcement of the series, it was said to be based on New York's real-life Hate Crimes Task Force.

Should Hate Crimes come to fruition on Peacock, NBC's streamer is shaping up to be a must have for Law & Order fans. The service debuts on July 15. Stay tuned for more updates on everything Law & Order in the meantime.