• A crew member was shot dead on the set of Law & Order
  • the victim was Johnny Pizarro
  • This is what happened

On July 19, a Law & Order crew member was shot dead on location in Brooklyn, The New York Times reports.

Johnny Pizarro, a 31-year-old from Queens, was responsible for enforcing parking restrictions in the Greenpoint neighborhood prior to filming to allow the series' vehicles to park. He was in a car when the attacker approached, opened the door and shot him in the head and neck, police said.

Law & Order: Crew member was shot dead on set

The Law & Order crew member was pronounced dead at Woodhull Hospital Center shortly after. A small, slender man in a black hoodie and dark trousers was seen running away from the scene but was not arrested. 

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Keeping people safe is important to Mayor Eric Adams, a former police captain.

The victim's father is also stunned: "No words. The thing is a tragedy.” The producers of the show also issued a statement on the incident.

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