Demore Barnes has broken his silence on his exit from Law & Order: SVU.

SVU enters season 23 this month and, ahead of the premiere, news broke that two stars will leave the show in the first episode. Deadline named the actors — Jamie Gray Hyder and Demore Barnes — so we know "Kat" and "Garland" are the departures.

"Garland" actor Demore Barnes on his Law & Order: SVU exit

It's been two days since the exits were announced, and Barnes just now addressed the news on social media. Sadly, he revealed his exit comes with tragic timing.

"Try as we may, there is never a good time for us to bare, or receive bad news," he began.

"Just prior to filming my final day on the show, my wife and I learned of the death of her dad. So, I will take a few days to prepare my personal statement regarding the show's recent news."

The actor concluded: "Meantime, while my family is all the more acquainted with the loss of our loved one, my heart and thoughts are closer to many of you who have, or are currently navigating loss in any of its forms. I will talk to you soon."

It's difficult timing for Barnes, the 45-year-old actor who's played "Christian Garland" on SVU since season 21.

However, it appears there may be more to his story, as he's promising a more in-depth statement in the near future.

Though he and Jamie Gray Hyder are "exiting" the show, it looks more like they've actually been let go or fired.

Law & Order: SVU season 23 - "Kat" and "Garland" exiting

Hyder clearly wants fans to know it wasn't her choice to leave the series, as she tweeted: "The decision was made above my pay grade. And wouldn't have been my choice. But hey - that's show biz for ya."

The "Kat" actress also captioned her message: "SVU23 just got a lot less colorful," highlighting that both she and Barnes are people of colour.

That coming, also, after SVU tried in season 22 to tackle issues related to the Black Lives Matter movement, racial injustice, and law enforcement.

So, we'll see if Barnes just wants to add a more thoughtful message to SVU fans, or if there's possibly a behind-the-scenes angle to the departures.

Law & Order: SVU season 23 premieres on Thursday, Sept. 23, when we'll learn how the exits are handled on the show.

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