• Alison Arngrim is known from 'Little House On The Prairie'
  • For these scenes she needed a stunt double
  • This is their big phobia

Alison Arngrim achieved international fame as "Nellie Oleson" in 'Little House On The Prairie'. While filming the cult series, the actress had to cope with a lot, and face her greatest fear!

Alison Arngrim's big fear on 'Little House On The Prairie'

In fact, Alison Arngrim had a pretty serious fear of horses. For this reason, a stunt girl had to be used every time "Nellie" was supposed to ride a horse.

Speaking to 'Fox', Alison Arngrim revealed, "I still can not ride" and continued, "I was hopeless with animals and avoided them [...] I was really afraid of horses. Whenever you saw me on a horse, it was a stunt girl."

Here's how Alison Arngrim faces her fear

But every now and then Alison Arngrim had to be filmed on a horse after all: "If we were shooting a scene where I was just sitting on a horse, there would be four guys on the ground holding the reins of the horse so it wouldn't move," she says. "That way I wouldn't freak out and fall down. They had to keep the horse completely still."

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In recent years, however, Alison Arngrim has tried to face her equine fear. "I have a friend who took me to riding lessons a few years ago so I could finally get over this fear," she explains.

"They got me the slowest horse in the place. It was very relaxed. At least they showed me how to sit properly and hold the reins so I wouldn't scare this poor horse", says the 'Little House On The Prairie' star.