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'Little House on the Prairie': These Are The Most Famous Episodes

Little House on the Prairie: These Are The Most Famous Episodes

With nine seasons and over 200 episodes, long-running Western drama Little House on the Prairie is full of memorable moments! While it is hard to choose only a few, check out if your favorite episodes are among the most famous in the show's history! 

Little House on the Prairie debuted on TV screens in 1974 and it wouldn't take long for the Western drama to quickly sweep the nation and become the talk of the country! Over the show's nine seasons, the "Ingalls" family truly goes through it all. 

The "Ingalls" originally start out as a small simple family consisting of "Charles", "Caroline", "Mary", "Laura", and "Carrie", and later welcome "Grace", "James", "Cassandra", and a whole slew of interesting characters into the family!

The Most Famous Episodes

Whether they are attempting to start their new life in Walnut Grove or dealing with tragedies like when "Mary" loses her eyesight or with their rivals the "Olesons", Little House on the Prairie is full of memorable moments! 

Melissa Sue Anderson, Lindsay Sidney Greenbush, and Melissa Gilbert Little House on the Prairie Christmas at Plum Creek

Ranked by fans as one of their favorite episodes, season one's episode 15 "Christmas at Plum Creek" comes in at the top of our list! The "Ingalls" family's first Christmas in their new home is truly one to remember! Young "Laura" really wants to make the holiday special for her mother by gifting her a stove, but will she be able to pull together enough resources to make it happen?

Next up on our list of the most famous episodes also comes from season one! We cannot forget "Mary" and "Laura's" first day of school! In the second episode of the season, the girls may have never been to school before but they are ready to work hard! "Laura" and "Mary" also meet "Nellie Oleson" for the first time, a friendship that will test them in many ways!

Melissa Sue Anderson and Lindsay Greenbush Little House on the Prairie Country Girls

More Memorable Episodes

More memorable Little House on the Prairie episodes includes season two's episode 22 "The Richest Man in Walnut Grove." With the closing of the mill, "Charles" is put in a tight spot and must figure out how to pay off his debt! Will the whole family be able to come together to help him?

Another memorable moment, that was so memorable it was split into two episodes is in season four when "Mary" loses her eyesight. The whole family is devastated when they receive confirmation from the doctor and must learn how to adapt. 

Melissa Sue Anderson as "Mary" on Little House on the Prairie 1974

With so many memorable episodes, it's truly hard to pick only a few favorites! Out of the 200 episodes which are your favorites? Also, make sure to test your Little House on the Prairie knowledge with our quiz and catch up with your favorite cast members below!