Karen Grassle recently made headlines with her new memoir. The Little House on the Prairie actress revealed what it was really like for her when shooting the series with fellow actor Michael Landon. She revealed some shocking allegations that Michael allegedly was a sexist on the set of the show and made inappropriate jokes.

Karren Grassle justifies her allegations against Little House star Michael Landon

For many Little House on the Prairie fans, Michael Landon gave unbelievable performance throughout the series. After Karen Grassle's recent statements surrounding her experience working alongside Michael Landon, there was criticism.

The "Ma Ingalls" actress justified her criticisms and statements to Inside Edition by saying, "If people are upset, I’m sorry they are upset, but I had to tell my story. [...] In his mind, he didn’t do anything wrong." 

Karen Grassle Makes Troubling Claims About Little House Co-Star Michael Landon

Instead, according to Grassle, it was a nightmare for her and Landon to shoot intimate scenes as a couple on screen. "He started to tell these filthy jokes about the female anatomy while we sat there. And it was surrounded by men laughing at these jokes. I mean, that was really over the line...We didn't have a word for sexual harassment in those days," Karen revealed to Inside Edition.  

This is not the only accusation Karen Grassle makes in her book. Michael Landon is also said to have treated her poorly after she asked for a raise, she told the New York Post.

Karen Grassle's memoir is titled Bright Lights, Prairie Dust: Reflections on Life, Loss, and Love from Little House's Ma and is available November 2021. 

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