• Pranks were played during Halloween on set
  • Michael Landon played the wildest pranks
  • Melissa Gilbert and Kent McCray remember his jokes

On the set of the show, Michael Landon (†54) and producer Kent McCray (†89) liked to play pranks on the younger cast members during Halloween. Although the two had very different ideas of what a prank meant. 

McCray resorted to the classic wearing a bedclothes-over-the-head prank, as he told Medium. At one point Landon sent the kids to a graveyard, where the producer ambushed them dressed up as a ghost, which gave them a good scare

On Halloween, Michael Landon enjoyed playing pranks on the younger cast members

Landon, on the other hand, had an even more sinister idea of scaring the kids, McCray added: "Melissa Gilbert and Matthew [Labyorteaux] decided to take a pillowcase and go from room to room, knocking on doors seeing if they could pick up any candy. [...]"

"Turns out Michael had given them his undershorts which he had smeared with peanut butter. They nearly fainted!”

Despite the arguably traumatizing event, former child actress Melissa Gilbert (58) tweeted: "They say George Clooney is the king of pranks. However, Michael Landon was pulling classic pranks while George was still in diapers."

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Melissa has taken the incident pretty well over the years after all. The show's star Karen Grassle, on the other hand, recently made serious allegations against Michael Landon. Among many things, the "Ma Ingalls" actress claims that he made fun of her while filming intimate scenes.