• Little House on the Prairie supposedly has a sister series
  • However, the two shows have very little to do with each other
  • We'll enlighten you

Although the actions of Little House on the Prairie and Father Murphy differ greatly, the latter is often titled as a spin-off of the successful series. This is due to various factors.

One of the reasons is that Little House star and director Michael Landon (†54) created Father Murphy. In addition, many stars from the series around the "Ingalls" family can also be seen in the supposed offshoot.

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For example Merlin Olsen (†54), Moses Gunn (†64) and Shannen Doherty. However, there are no overlapping characters or stories in the two series. 

Little House on the Prairie and Father Murphy: Hence the confusion

Merlin Olsen, for example, played the supporting character of "Jonathan Garvey" in Little House on the Prairie. In Father Murphy he portrayed the main character "John Michael Murphy".

The 'Little House on the Prairie' Cast

Another reason for considering a spin-off could be the time both series are set - namely the late 1880s. The clothes and the scenery are very similar.

Most viewers probably assume because of the parallels in the cast that one series builds on the other. The two productions were also often broadcast on TV one after the other, which can also have caused confusion. It was not uncommon for the media to mistakenly refer to Father Murphy as "Little House's Little Sister."

Katherine Cannon, Merlin Olsen, Shannen Doherty and Jack Elam can be seen in the series "Father Murphy"

That's what Father Murphy is about

Produced for NBC from 1981 to 1983, Father Murphy is set at the end of the American Civil War. The series is about 25 children who lose their parents in a mine explosion. The simple border guard "John Michael Murphy" (Merlin Olsen) helps this group of orphans who otherwise face deportation to a labor camp.

He pretends to be a priest in order to open an orphanage and thus provide shelter for the children. He is supported by the teacher "Mae Woodward" (Katherine Cannon) and the miner "Moses Gage" (Moses Gunn).