'Lizzie McGuire': The Cast Then & Now

Check out details on the upcoming Lizzie McGuire reboot!
December 14, 2019 - 11:20 / Cynthia Springer

If you're reading this now, you were probably a big fan of the Disney series, Lizzie McGuire and the 2003 film, The Lizzie McGuire Movie. Hilary Duff's role as "Lizzie" was so important for every pre-teen out there, and now, the gorgeous "Lizzie" will star in a reboot of the series coming out on the new Disney+... watch the video above for more details!

Disney's newest streaming service, Disney+, has made us millennial's extremely thrilled for all the nostalgic shows and movies we grew up watching. With Hilary Duff's recent Instagram announcement of the Lizzie McGuire reboot, she also explained on stage in Anaheim, California that her character is "older, she’s wiser, she has a much bigger shoe budget, which is super exciting." We are super excited, Hilary! 

Lizzie McGuire is coming back!

Hilary Duff attends Love Leo Rescue's 2nd Annual Cocktails for a Cause at Rolling Greens Los Angeles on November 06, 2019