• 'Love Is Blind' is a hit romantic reality show
  • It is now in its fourth season
  • Here is how season 4 is different

Here are some of the biggest shockers for the audience so far. Unlike seasons past, the fourth season of 'Love is Blind' goes into the depths of what life is like for contestants in the pod stage of the show. But this season, according to the trailer even, we know that one of the male contestants makes the wrong choice!

This season has it all..

But we still don't know who that could be. There's also going to be some bullying as well! Cast member Micah has already issued a public apology for some mean behavior on the set. And season 4 also promises to have a deeper look into the social constructs of dating after 30.

Also interesting:

The reality is that many cast members struggling to make things work for that reason. And it's no wonder. It's very difficult in real life for most of us too...

Watch the video above to learn more!