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'MacGyver': What Does Richard Dean Anderson Think About The Remake?

Richard Dean Anderson participates in the Paris Manga Salon 2018
September 11, 2019 - 18:24 / Laura Pérez

Since June 2017, a remake of the legendary series MacGyver has been running on the small screen. But the iconic character is not being portrayed by Richard Dean Anderson but by Lucas Till. So what does the actor who originally portrayed "Angus MacGyver" think about the remake?

For more than two years fans have been enjoying the remake of the cult series MacGyverhowever, the main role of the show is currently being played by the handsome Lucas Till, and it seems that Richard Dean Anderson, the actor who originally portrayed the iconic character has something to say about it.

Dean Anderson doesn't like the idea of a very young and attractive "MacGyver", he is reportedly disappointed on the fact that a "boy" took over his former role, mainly because Richard was 35 years old when he first portrayed the character in 1985, while Lucas was only 26 at the beginning of the remake.

Richard Dean Anderson at the 20th anniversary of the Jules Verne festival, Paris, 2012

Richard Dean Anderson is not interested in participating in the MacGyver remake

During the Comic Con 2019, Richard Dean Anderson was asked if he would like to participate in the remake of the cult series, and he said that he was contacted for doing some scenes but eventually they were discarded, however, he was contacted again and invited to participate in the series but he declined. "I said no, and I'm happy about it," the actor said.

The current MacGyver series has been adapted to today's preferences of the audiences and it has been quite successful. A fourth season is already in the works.