• Maury is cancelled after 30 seasons
  • Maury Povich was on TV since 1991
  • The 83-year-old host is retiring

Television is going to look a whole lot different in the near future.

After TV legend Jerry Springer's show was recently cancelled, news just broke that veteran daytime host Maury Povich is also going off the air. Maury was on TV for 30 years.

Why Maury is cancelled after 30 years

Maury debuted back in 1991, but Broadcasting & Cable reported its cancellation this week. There is now official word on why it's ending, too: Maury Povich is retiring!

Povich recently turned 83 years old, and it sounds like he's finally ready to call it a day. He's been in broadcasting and TV since the 1960s.

Following the news about Maury, the executive vice president at NBC has told Deadline that Povich is entering a "bittersweet retirement." So it was a mutual decision to end Maury, and not a full-on cancellation.

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Maury will continue airing its current season through September, and reruns will reportedly remain on TV after that time. So at least that's good news for fans of Maury Povich.

With The Jerry Springer Show (and Judge Jerry) and now Maury coming to an end, network TV will be getting a lot less scandalous!

But the two tabloid talk hosts have certainly guaranteed their places in TV history.