• Meg Bellamy talks about playing Kate Middleton in Netflix's Hit Series
  • She plays "Kate" in 'The Crown'
  • Season 6 premieres Dec 14

Meg Bellamy (21), a fresh face in the acting world, spills the royal tea on her portrayal of the future Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, in the critically acclaimed Netflix series, 'The Crown.' With the show's sixth and final season captivating audiences, Bellamy shares her insights exclusively with 'People', revealing what makes Kate so beloved by the public.

The Crown's legacy continues

Since its 2016 debut, 'The Crown' has dazzled viewers with its dramatic retelling of Queen Elizabeth's reign, changing casts every two seasons to age gracefully with the storyline. Season 6, part 1, premiered with a poignant look at Princess Diana's last days, while part 2, set for a December 14 release, promises to whisk us away to the early 2000s, showcasing the blossoming romance between Kate and Prince William (played by Ed McVey).

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Bellamy, who before gracing our screens worked at Legoland, was struck by Kate's ordinary yet extraordinary background. "Her roots are roots that people can really connect to," she tells PEOPLE, praising Kate's supportive family and traditional upbringing in Bucklebury, Berkshire. It's this very "approachability" that endears Kate to the masses, according to the young actress.

A royal love story in Scotland

The magic of filming in St. Andrew's, where the royal couple first crossed paths, wasn't lost on Bellamy. Recalling a memorable rain-soaked scene, she describes the experience as both intense and hilarious, a testament to the camaraderie on set. Despite the challenges, these moments were cherished, making her professional debut all the more special.

Meg Bellamy, Ed McVey, The Crown Season 6 (2023). Photo credit: Justin Downing/Netflix PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxONLY C

A palace insider echoes Bellamy's sentiments, highlighting Prince William's appreciation for the "stabilizing normality" Kate brings to their family life. The Prince and Princess of Wales, parents to Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, value family time—a stark contrast to the distant aristocratic upbringing of previous generations.

'The Crown's acclaimed journey

The series, masterminded by Peter Morgan, boasts an impressive array of accolades, including 27 BAFTA nominations and 21 Emmy Awards. For Bellamy, starting her career on such a high note is both exhilarating and daunting, as she humorously contemplates whether it's all "downhill from here."

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Royal fans, mark your calendars! The countdown is on for the part 2 premiere of 'The Crown' season 6 on Netflix, December 14. Don't miss the chance to see Meg Bellamy bring a touch of relatability to the royal narrative, capturing the essence of Kate Middleton's charm.