• Melissa Gilbert played a leading role in 'Little House on the Prairie'
  • She has a favorite episode
  • That's what it's all about

Melissa Gilbert reveals to 'USA Today' that she loves one episode in particular from her time on 'Little House on the Prairie'. "'The Lord is my Shepherd' is my favorite. I think because it is the clearest portrayal of my personal relationship with Michael. The chemistry is palpable. It's all on screen."

This is what the 'Little House on the Prairie' episode is about

In fact, "Laura's Jealousy" is a double episode from the first season with a particularly sad story. In it, "Laura", "Mary" and "Carrie" have a little brother who dies shortly after birth.  

When the new baby arrives, "Laura" becomes jealous of the little one, as he gets a lot of attention from "Charles". After the death of her little brother, "Laura" has to learn to deal with her feelings of guilt. 

A pretty heavy storyline in the series, which often dealt with serious topics. Melissa Gilbert is now a mother and grandmother herself - her granddaughter Lulabelle also has a favorite episode of 'Little House on the Prairie'.  

The nine-year-old is said to be particularly enthusiastic about "The Raccoon" - mainly, of course, because the episode features a dog and a raccoon. 

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