• There will be a spin-off for Stranger Things
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Stranger Things fans will soon have to say goodbye to their favourite series. After five seasons, the Netflix phenomenon will come to an end. However, an alleged spin-off gives reason for hope.

Stranger Things without Millie Bobby Brown

But with the new Stranger Things project, viewers will have to do without series favorite Millie Bobby Brown (19). According to The Sun, the "Eleven" actress turned down the $ 12 million fee she was offered. 

Although Netflix has yet to confirm a rejection, past statements from Millie indicate that she wants to move on as part of her career. "I'm definitely ready to graduate. I feel like a lot of the story has been told now and we know it's been a part of our lives for a very long time. But I am ready to say goodbye to this chapter of my life and open a new one," Millie told Seventeen.

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It's not clear how her fellow cast members feel about a spin-off. But apparently, the creators of the series want to expand the world of Stranger Things in the future.

"There are so many directions it could go. Nothing is off the table. They think it's going to be a stage show for Broadway and the West End, just like Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Another spin-off series following some of the show's main characters is also in the pipeline," a Stranger Things source told The Sun.