• Miracle on 34th Street is a classic Christmas film
  • The movie came out in 1994
  • This is what Elizabeth Perkins does today

The Christmas classic Miracle on 34th Street hit theaters in 1994 and some of the actors became real stars. "Dorey Walker", the mother of little "Susan", was played by Elizabeth Perkins. At that time she was still relatively early in her career. We'll tell you what the actress is up to today. 

Miracle on 34th Street: This is what Elizabeth Perkins is doing today

After Elizabeth Perkins' success in Miracle on 34th Street, she took part in some quite well-known productions and was also in great demand as a voice actress. You saw her in the series Weeds and the Flintstones.

Nowadays she is mainly seen in series. She appeared on This Is Us in a total of six episodes from 2017 to 2022. Elizabeth Perkins has portrayed the role of CEO "Diane Villa" since the third season of Barry, which premiered in April 2022.

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