• Miranda Cosgrove starred in Drake & Josh for several years
  • What would you say to a comeback for the series?
  • Her statement gives hope to the fans

Miranda Cosgrove (29) has reunited with one of her most iconic roles in recent years thanks to the iCarly revival. But would she ever consider reviving her other hit Nickelodeon series, Drake & Josh?

Miranda Cosgrove on Drake & Josh again? Here's what she says about it

"Maybe", Miranda Cosgrove told E! News at the Kids' Choice Awards in March. "It feels like everything gets a reboot these days, so nothing's out of the question," she said.

Miranda starred on the Nickelodeon sitcom opposite Drake Bell, 36, and Josh Peck, 36, for four seasons during the mid-2000s, as well as in two made-for-TV movies. After making her last sisterly prank as "Megan" on the series, she starred as the eponymous vlogger on iCarly alongside Jennette McCurdy (30) until 2012.The two are still very close to this day.

Also interesting:

The series made a comeback in 2021 and Miranda Cosgrove returned to her role. During the last season of iCarly, there was a mini-reunion between Josh Peck and Miranda, in which the actor played "Carly's" manager, "Paul."

It remains to be seen whether there will also be an official reunion with a possible Drake & Josh comeback. But Miranda Cosgrove's statements give hope.