• There are many films out there
  • Some are very sad and others straight up break your heart
  • Here are those movies... 

Here are a number of good alternatives to the unbeatable dramatic classic 'Titanic', for which the tissues should definitely be on hand:

In 'Amour', the love of the elderly Parisian couple “Georges” and “Anne” is put to the test after “Anne” has suffered a stroke and suffers from dementia. "Jackie" is also confronted with a terrible diagnosis in 'Stepmom'. Incurable cancer turns her life upside down as does Julia Roberts' character marrying into "Jackie's" family. 

It is the worst thing that can happen to a mother - to leave her children. This is exactly what happened to “Aurora” in 'Terms of Endearment' - a story that always moves you to tears. Great actors and directors always know how to tell the most heart-wrenching story possible, which usually results in high praise during award season.

Movies That Break Your Heart

Movies That Break Your Heart

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