NCIS fans still aren't over the shocking exit of "Gibbs" (Mark Harmon). But the series has been moving forward, and season 19 aired a new episode on Monday.

"Alden Parker" (Gary Cole) took over from "Gibbs," and in the Jan. 17 episode his team was put to the test for the first time in a dangerous mission. Warning: spoilers from the new episode follow!

NCIS after "Gibbs" - How "Alden Parker" is doing

The episode begins with "Leon Vance" (Rocky Carroll) asking "Parker" how he's feeling about his decision to leave the FBI.

"This place has been amazing. I'm happy with the team," says NCIS newcomer "Parker." However, "Vance" notes that "Parker" isn't calling the agents his team.

"Parker" responds: "Director, these people have been working together for years. I’ve been here five minutes. I’m not ready to call anything mine."

Then it's on to a case with "Parker," "Torres" (Wilmer Valderrama), "Knight" (Katrina Law), and "Palmer" (Brian Dietzen).

They board a civilian ship to investigate how someone died in a covert operation. Arriving on the ship, they find that the naval officers there are imposters.

"Torres" and "Knight" then search for weapons. Later, "Parker" gets creative and crawls through ventilation shafts, finding his two agents captured and bloodied. He spots the armed perpetrators and lures them away using keys to the helicopter.

As they take off in the helicopter, the NCIS team is shocked to discover that "Parker" has been hiding inside. He manages to broadcast the Star Trek theme with the help of the pilot's iPod.

It's a sign that "McGee" (Sean Murray) understands, having previously spoken to "Parker" about the TV series. Nice!

This is how the NCIS agents finally manage to find their new team leader. When they return, "Vance" informs "Parker" that his actions were a "death wish."

On the other hand, "Parker" insists his strategy was merely a "calculated risk." He adds: "One way or the other, I was getting my team off that ship."

"Vance" notes that he said "my" team, and the episode ends with everyone taking a picture together.

It seems the team came a good deal closer thanks to the quick thinking of "Parker," and he's gaining the trust of his team.

Catch another new episode next week on Jan. 24. The series is still airing new episodes despite a COVID-19 outbreak on set earlier this month.