• NCIS season 19 is currently airing
  • The new episode was especially dramatic
  • Two main cast members almost died

After a long hiatus, NCIS season 19 finally resumed this week. The long-awaited episode "The Helpers" ran on Feb. 28 — and it was hard to beat in terms of excitement and emotion. 

Warning: spoilers follow! Only read on if you'd like to know.

New NCIS episode: These characters almost died

It was known that the NCIS episode would focus on "Jimmy Palmer" (Brian Dietzen) and "Kasie Hines" (Diona Reasonover). While investigating the death of a radicalized former soldier, the team secures an unknown liquid that "Kasie" and "Jimmy" want to examine in the lab.

But when the container of liquid is opened, "Kasie's" office locks itself automatically. Security detected a toxic bio-weapon — and the two agents are at risk. Particularly tragic: That day, "Victoria" (Elle Graper), "Palmer's" daughter, is in the office.

Although "Torres" (Wilmer Valderrama) distracts the schoolgirl, she finally learns of the drama with her father and his colleague. As the team searches for the antidote to the poison and hunts down the radical group, expert "Carol Wilson" (Meredith Eaton) is called in to help.

But it seems all hope is lost as the poison takes effect and the agents start coughing up blood. Finally, the two are doing so badly that they say goodbye to their loved ones. Especially sad was the moment "Palmer" said goodbye to his daughter through a pane of glass.

Also interesting:

"Palmer" has to face the fact that his daughter could now lose her second parent after the death of her mother. He wants to prepare her for this and makes it clear to her touchingly that all team members and people close to her will help her. He also explains that later on she will be able to help people in similar situations herself.

Luckily, the team is able to secure the antidote at the last minute and save "Kasie" and "Jimmy" from certain death. While "Kasie" was unsure at the beginning of the episode about staying with NCIS, there's good news: The agent will stay with the team.

"Jimmy Palmer" also becomes sure of one thing after the near-death experience: he wants to be there for his daughter more and that means throwing himself back into life.

Actress Elle Graper debuted as "Victoria Palmer" in the episode.