• NCIS star Sean Murray shared a new Instagram
  • The "McGee" actor poses with an NCIS: LA star
  • Does it mean an NCIS and NCIS: LA crossover?

On Instagram, Sean Murray is driving his fans wild right now. The NCIS star, who portrays "Timothy McGee" on the series, posted a picture showing him next to another series star.

Together with LL Cool J, he poses for the camera. We know LL as "Sam Hanna" from NCIS: LA. With the photo, which you can see in the video above, are the stars hinting at a crossover for the two series in the upcoming season?

NCIS: Surprise crossover in season 20? Fans hope so

After all, Sean Murray has been posting many behind-the-scenes looks at his show lately. Also, the two shows haven't had a crossover in a long time. Most recently, NCIS and NCIS: Hawaii shared the screen.

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On the "McGee" actor's Instagram, fans responded: "Talking about a crossover for next season?" and "Man I wish they would do a crossover with all three [series]."

It remains to be seen if the fans can really look forward to a joint episode from the NCIS and NCIS: LA stars. But we're holding out hope!

We do know this: NCIS will be back for season 20 and NCIS: LA for season 14 this fall.