'NCIS': Is "Ziva" Alive?!

February 13, 2019 - 23:51 / Sarah Schulz

On Tuesday's episode of NCIS, fans got much more than expected when it came to knowing about "Ziva's" whereabouts and well-being. In case you missed it, we have the low down for you right here... 

NCIS aired the highly anticipated episode from season 16 last night on CBS and fans were not disappointed. A young girl was found on the streets and was determined to be the daughter of a Navy recruit who went missing ten years ago and then believed to have died from suicide. "Bishop" (who took "Ziva's" place for those that don't know) and "Torres" then discovered that someone was continuing to investigate the case even after it was turned over to police. That someone was none other than "Ziva David"...

Cote de Pablo was last seen in 'NCIS' in Season 11 (© Getty Images)
Cote de Pablo

"Ziva" Is Alive

"Bishop" took it upon herself to find the little office space that "Ziva" used to write down all her feelings and notes about cases. "Bishop" then used the notebooks she found to track down where the girl's mother was being kept and she had planned "to read a letter from the woman's mother to the man who had been holding her hostage," according to ENews. But she was too late. When she got to the hotel, somebody else had already read him the letter and so "Bishop" went back to the office and discovered that someone had since been there and left her a note that read, "Eleanor Bishop, For the safety of my family, please keep my secret."

So "Ziva" is obviously still alive, however it still remains unknown whether or not we will actually see an appearance from Cote de Pablo herself in the upcoming episodes of the show. Stay tuned to find out...