The season 12 finale of NCIS: L.A. is just around the corner for fans in the U.S. First glimpses of what's to come, make fans' hearts beat faster. It has now been revealed that "Hetty" (Linda Hunt) is back on set.

The actress had to be extra cautious due to the COVID-19 pandemic in season twelve for her own protection. Individual scenes with Hunt were filmed at her home because the TV star belongs to the high-risk group due to her age. Now the "Hetty" actress is finally back on set with the rest of the cast and crew.

NCIS: L.A.: "Hetty" returns for the season finale

Photos published by TVLine show "Hetty" once again in front of the camera for NCIS: L.A. The agent was last separated from the rest of her team on a mysterious mission and only appeared briefly via video call. Because of this, fans were concerned that the fan-favorite member of the team wouldn't return to the show. 

But to everyone's delight, she has now resumed filming for the season finale. About the return of Linda Hunt (76) on the set, showrunner Scott Gemmill tells the "TVLine": "We’re doing everything we can to keep everyone safe, and Linda is a little extra special in terms of how we have to look out for her." 

"It was just so great having Linda back on set, especially for her scenes with Renée [Felice Smith], [...] Hetty is such an important and almost mythical character to NCIS: Los Angeles, and fans are going to love seeing them together again," he continued. So it looks like there isn't a reason for concern about agent "Hetty's" departure from the show.

The season finale with the title "A Tale of Two Igors" promises pure excitement. However, "Hetty's" return will likely be anything but drama-free. By the way, NCIS: L.A. is getting another season, though not all of the leading actors have been confirmed. So it remains to be seen which familiar faces we can look forward to in NCIS: L.A. moving forward... Stay tuned!

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