All NCIS: L.A. fans know that "Eric Beale" is supposedly working a so-called consulting job with a security tech company in San Francisco at the moment. But is it really that innocent of an assignment? Ever since the beginning of NCIS: L.A.'s season 11, we've gotten the sense that it's a little more serious than just consulting.

"Nell" (Renée Felice Smith) mentioned to "Kensi" (Daniela Ruah) in episode 2 that his short and cryptic messages (sent through a cosplay site) suggest a much more clandestine assignment. 

"Sam" lost his wife "Michelle" over two years ago...

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NCIS: L.A. Season 11: "Eric Beale" is back!

The teaser trailer for the new episode suggests that Barret Foa's character has probably been taken by some heavily armed people. "Hetty" (Linda Hunt) has a clear order for "Sam" (LL Cool J):

"We have to find Mr. Beale." So him and "Callen" (Chris O'Donnell) will probably find out soon enough what kind of secret mission "Hetty" had for "Eric" after all.

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