• The NCIS: L.A. series finale is approaching
  • This is how the popular series ends
  • Fans can look forward to this

NCIS: L.A. will come to an end in 2023 after 14 years on the air. In the US, the finale will be broadcast on May 21 and is scheduled to run for two hours. Showrunner R. Scott Gemmill has now revealed a few things about the very last episode to Parade.

The series finale of NCIS: L.A.

We can probably look forward to a wedding at NCIS: L.A. After "Callen" (Chris O'Donnell) and "Anna" (Bar Paly) got engaged, they plan to get married later this season.

"There are a few surprises. We try to put everyone in a really good place and Callen and Anna are two of them," reveals R. Scott Gemmill.

Of course, the fans are mainly hoping for an appearance by "Hetty" (Linda Hunt). As the showrunner previously explained, the plan was to get "Hetty" out of her dangerous situation in the Middle East after a while.

This Is Happening With NCIS: L.A. "Hetty"

However, this cannot be realized as intended: "We don’t get to that point, but it’s put in motion. Let’s put it that way [...] We are going to have steps taken to resolve Hetty’s storyline in a way that I hope leaves fans feeling excited."

Also interesting:

Ultimately, the series finale of NCIS: L.A. leaves room for anything that could come in the future. Because R. Scott Gemmill said: "When you see the end, you’ll understand. We left it open to a next chapter … maybe."