• Chris O'Donnell is the star of NCIS: L.A.
  • An action by his wife could have cost him this job
  • This is what happened...

Almost fired because of your own wife? NCIS: L.A. star Chris O'Donnell (52) revealed in an interview on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert what happened.

The whole thing happened on the set: "So they have a scene where there’s this guy who comes into a restaurant and he starts shooting up the place. And everyone freaks out and panics and they’re running away."

NCIS: L.A.: Chris O'Donnell feared for his job because of his wife

And then it happens, as NCIS: L.A.'s Chris O'Donnell further spills: "I’m watching the playback after we’ve done the take because there’s hundreds of people there… and this one group of girls start coming through and they’re all laughing hysterically. And they’re still carrying their real champagne that they’d ordered themselves"

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Uh oh, who can that be? "I look back and the DP comes over and says, ‘You know, Chris, they’re all laughing.’ I go, ‘Yeah, I know… that’s my wife. We’re gonna handle that’. So I go back and I say, ‘Guys, you’re gonna get me fired, so you need to co-operate here and maybe when the guy starts firing the gun, it’s not that funny,’" according to the series star.

Of course, the actor-director wasn't fired because of his wife, but at least Chris O'Donnell now has a funny story to tell!