Over the past few months, all fans of NCIS: L.A. did not see very much of "Hetty" (played by Linda Hunt), who's still one of the show's most popular characters after playing her role for almost 12 years. Linda Hunt was actually in a car accident and had to recuperate, which is why her character was missing from most of season 11.

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NCIS: L.A. Season 12 - "Hetty" is going to appear more often!

She eventually returned to the show, but many fans were worried about what would happen to the popular character. There was even chatter about "Hetty" leaving the show! One of the show's executive producers, Frank Military, has now talked about "Hetty's" future in a new interview with TVGuide.

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"I think we'll probably see more of her than we have this season. She is very much the heart and soul," of NCIS: L.A. he said. But all fans expecting an explanation to where "Hetty" was, might be disappointed. 

NCIS: L.A. Season 12 - "Hetty is a very mysterious character"

"'Hetty' is a very mysterious character. Sometimes we find out what she's been doing - sometimes we don't. Fans have gotten used to the idea that she's not always there; people have gotten used to the idea that 'Hetty' could be doing lots of interesting and complex stuff all over the world."

First, it will have to be established how and when production of a new season can start, since the COVID-19 pandemic has caused TV and movie shoots to be put on hold indefinitely. As fans will know, the 17th season of NCIS had to be cut short because of the coronavirus as well...

At least we know there will be a season 12 for sure: