Actor Eric Christian Olsen has been with NCIS: L.A. since season 1. As "Marty Deeks," he joins partner "Kensi Blye" (Daniela Ruah) in tackling cases in Los Angeles. But that could all change soon, because fans are growing fearful that "Deeks" won't be on the show much longer.

In season 12, the character has gone through ups and downs. He was under pressure when he lost his position as an LAPD liaison officer. At first it seemed like "Deeks" couldn't go back to NCIS because he was too old for FLETC training. However, "Hetty" (Linda Hunt) made sure that he became an NCIS agent despite the hurdles.

NCIS: L.A.: Is "Deeks" leaving in season 12?  

So, "Deeks" just received his badge from "Hetty" and became a full-time NCIS agent and team member. While it's an outcome that gives "Deeks" a firm future, fans of the show shouldn't be taking matters for granted.

Olsen actually warned fans that they should enjoy his character's presence on NCIS: L.A. while he's still there. "So if 'Deeks' is short-lived for this series, let's appreciate what he has until he's gone," he told ET. "And if he comes back, then that's a wonderful surprise as well."


The popular actor did not explain precisely what he meant by the comment, so it remains to be seen how Olsen's role as "Deeks" will continue. But the ominous statement could be a sign of an impending departure, with Olsen having been rumoured as a possible exit candidate for a while now.

The latest episode of season 12 aired this past Sunday, but the next episode won't show until Feb. 14 due to delays. See a recap of how the episode, a big one for "Deeks," went down here.

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