After taking a break following a multi-car accident in Los Angeles, California, the fabulous Linda Hunt is now ready to reprise her role as "Hetty" in the new season of NCIS: L.A.Fans all over the world are very excited about this, specially because it was just announced that one of the upcoming episodes will specifically focus on her background story!

But what exactly does this mean? According to Express and TVLine, the revealing new episode was actually written by Linda Hunt's co-star Eric Christian Olsen who plays "Marty Deeks." So now we are wondering if A Bloody Brilliant Plan, the sixth episode of the new season, written by Olsen, will actually be the one providing more details about the NCIS: L.A. Operations Manager. 

What we know so far about "Hetty's" background

"Hetty" was born in a refugee camp in Bucharest, Romania, in 1948 after World War 2, her father died two months before she was born and her mother died two days after, so she was eventually raised by a Romanian family. In the fifth season of the show "Hetty" reveals that she got a degree in Computer Science, and before joining NCIS: L.A., she was a CIA employee in 1963.

The last time we saw her was in season 10 of the show, where -following the events of the team's off-the-books mission in Mexico- "Hetty" calls the retired US Navy Admiral "Hollace Kilbride" (Gerald McRaney) to help assist in rescuing them and later disappears leaving everyone wondering where she is. Later on she contacts "Callen" (Chris O'Donnell) and tells him that she will be absent for some time, and she finally returns for "Deeks" and "Kensi's" (Daniela Ruah) wedding.

The release date of the episode revolving around "Hetty's" background has not been revealed, and the only way of finding out what happens with her is by staying tuned every Sunday on CBS!

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