NCIS: Los Angeles fans are eagerly awaiting the season finale in which two special guests join the cast of the series. David James Elliott, AKA "Captain Harmon Rabb Jr.", and Catherine Bell as "Lieutenant Colonel Sarah 'Mac' MacKenzie" are making the comeback in the NCIS franchise.

The stars of JAG are joining NCIS: Los Angeles

From 1995 until 2005, Elliott and Bell starred in show JAG. NCIS is actually a spin-off of JAG and in turn gave birth to its very own spin-offs NCIS: L.A. and NCIS: New Orleans. On JAG, "Harm" and "Mac" worked as military lawyers and acted as lawyers in naval cases.

Naturally, the two characters have gone through some changes since. "Harm" has retired from his legal practice and is now the first officer of the 'USS Intrepid', as CBS ahs already announced. He will work with "Hanna" and "Callen" to prevent ISIS fighters from attacking an aircraft carrier.

The comeback of the JAG stars

The surprise comeback of David James Elliott on NCIS: Los Angeles starts with episode 23 (titled "The Guardian") which will air on Sunday, May 12th. One week later, Catherine Bell joins the cast in the season finale. According to "TV Insider" her character "Mac" is hired by "Hetty" to get information from a Russian diplomat.

"Harm" and "Mac" will also be part of the upcoming 11th season of NCIS: Los Angeles. Elliott and Bell will reprise their roles for the first two episodes. But as we are gearing up for the return of "Harm" and "Mac", two popular characters might be leaving the show for good.

Will "Nell" and "Eric" be leaving NCIS: Los Angeles?

In the 19th episode details came to light that meant that two team members could soon be leaving the cast. "Nell Jones'" (Renée Felice Smith, 34) mother has heart problems that can only be treated in San Francisco. It is a difficult time for "Nell's" family and she wants to be with her mother.

But, that's not the only reason why she might leave Los Angeles. Her boyfriend and colleague "Eric Beale" (Barrett For, 41) has been offered a fabulous new job position in San Francisco, one that he can't really turn down. "Nell" and "Eric" could easily make a new life for themselves in San Francisco.

"Nell" and "Eric" to move to San Francisco?

When "Hetty" finds out about "Nell's" mother's illness upon her return, she doesn't beat around the bush and immediately books a flight to San Francisco, saying "family is important". She also tells "Eric" that they will discuss his job offer when she gets back from San Francisco.

We will have to see whether "Nell" and "Eric" really decide to move away from Los Angeles. "Fatima Namazi" (Medalion Rahimi, 26) might well be able to take their place. She has been working alongside "Nell" and "Eric" since the beginning of the tenth season and has already started to take on some of their tasks.