"Jack" seems to have a secret admirer who left her some Valentine's Day treats and the whole office assumes that it's "Gibbs" who actually plants quite the kiss on her cheek in front of everyone! However, the team has bigger things to worry about when Navy Capt. "Alan Wales" is found naked with an arrow through his heart

NCIS: Naked dead men with arrows through their hearts

"Wales'" is last contact was with "Stacy Gordon" and when the team arrives to question her, she is with "Gibbs'" old friend "Phil Brooks." The team then finds another naked dead man with an arrow through his heart, suspecting a serial murder. This man, was also in contact with "Stacy" as they all have the Fleet Date app on their phone. 

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It seems as though "Stacy" is using a dating app to kill her victims like Cupid. "Stacy" being a lawyer, has a pretty good alibi when it comes to questioning, however the team isn't convinced. "Kaisie" finds a hair tangled in the feathers of an arrow at the crime scene, however it's not a match.

NCIS: "Logan" loves "Stacy" 

In the end, after several details surface about how "Stacy's" husband died, it comes out that "Tom Logan" ("Stacy's") brother-in-law who now has "Stacy" and "Phil" tied up in his cabin, is the one who killed the men who hurt "Stacy" because he's in love with her! 

Before "Logan" can shoot "Stacy" and "Phil", "Gibbs" is there to save the day and shoot him dead. Also, turns out there was a mix-up in the Valentine treat delivery to "Jack" and there may actually be a mother-daughter reconciliation in the works... Oh yes, and "Gibbs" decides NOT to join the online dating world

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