It's time - for a while now, NCIS has been dropping romantic hints between "Torres" (Wilmer Valderrama, 39) and "Bishop" (Emily Wickersham, 35). So they had to create false names for an undercover investigation, with which they have been teasing each other ever since.

They even had to look after a baby together - a little taste of a possible romance? According to "Cheatsheet" it could finally be happening in season 17. But first we have to recover from the actions of the last season finale.

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"Ziva's" return to NCIS: Does it endanger the relationship between "Bishop" and "Torres"?

"Ziva" returns to NCIS in Season 17. Coté de Pablo (39) has been confirmed as a guest performer. She made her comeback in the season 16 finale, when she confronts "Gibbs" in his basement.

But why could a return of "Ziva" endanger the happiness of "Bishop" and "Torres"? On one hand "Bishop" can be regarded as "Ziva's" successor on the show, and her character is the complete opposite of "Ziva" - these two meeting at one point could be quite exciting!

On the other hand, "Bishop" is the only person, aside from "Gibbs" (Mark Harmon, 67), who currently knows that "Ziva" didn't die in Israel. Her keeping this secret could really disappoint "Torres", if it should be discovered.

More details will be revealed in the fall, when the new season of NCIS premieres on CBS. We can hardly wait...